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Get around with JunglePort

Mon Sep 18, 2000 - 12:05 AM EDT - By James Hromadka

Here's a press release for JunglePort, another content application for restaurant and entertainment listings in various cities. Note that the software uses a conduit that works in Windows only.
BOSTON, MA – September 15, 2000 – JungleSoft, Inc. today announced the official launch of JunglePortä, the first, smart location-based portal for PalmOSä handheld devices. JunglePort is a mobile application platform that includes customized city guides, or Safarisä, with detailed restaurant content, yellow pages listings, and vector-based maps, for any major U.S. city., the web site, is the control center where users can select a specific geographical area, fine tune the JunglePort map to include the desired neighborhoods, then add personalized restaurant and yellow pages content based on cuisine and category choices. User preferences and settings are stored on the JunglePort server for future reference. Once the user-preferred content has been selected, the Safari is then downloaded to the handheld for mobile reference.

On the handheld, the smart JunglePort application allows users to conduct citywide searches with the industry’s most sophisticated vector-based mapping technology and the most dynamic search engine available, guiding them through the urban jungle. Restaurants can be searched by name, cuisine, neighborhood, price, or keyword – JunglePort identifies the exact location of the restaurant on the map. Points of interest can be searched directly by street address – there’s no need to know the cross streets! Everything works together seamlessly – a wireless Internet connection is not required!

“We have partnered with the highest-quality content providers in order to differentiate ourselves from our competitors and to offer the most value to our end users,” said Giang Lam, JungleSoft’s President. JungleSoft’s market leading mapping technology offers the most accurate handheld maps with the widest content coverage to date including restaurant information for 39 metropolitan areas at launch and more to come in the short term

"We have only begun to scratch the surface in terms of what we can offer our users. Going forward, we already have the technology in place to provide more exciting content and services to enable our users to do anything, anytime, anywhere!"

About JungleSoft

JungleSoft was founded in 1998 to develop intelligent software for the emerging handheld computing market. JungleSoft is a mobile technology pioneer specializing in the development and delivery of location-based products and services for current and future wireline and wireless handheld technologies. Our initial product, JungleMap, was the first vector-based mapping application for PalmOS devices to incorporate numbered street addresses and to seamlessly integrate with the built-in address book database. In the near future, JungleSoft will continue to lead the industry by offering wireless connectivity to the JunglePort site, as well as more targeted customization and personalization capabilities. Visit for more information.

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