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VC-Poll: MP3 Module poll results

Mon Sep 18, 2000 - 1:49 PM EDT - By James Hromadka

In what was to become our closest poll ever, we asked "Which MP3 module do you want more?" After what seemed to be some ballot-stuffing from both sides, the MiniJam edged out the SoundsGood in the end. Here are the results:
MiniJam 46.57 % (509)
SoundsGood 44.19 % (483)
Neither 9.24 % (101)
Total votes: 1093
Be sure to vote in our new poll on your favorite module. Note that this only applies to modules that are currently shipping, so the SoundsGood module is not in this poll. We'll run this question from time to time, so rest assured that you SoundsGood afficianados will get your chance.

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