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Updated: Color Visor

Tue Sep 19, 2000 - 1:55 PM EDT - By James Hromadka

Big news always comes in when I'm at lunch or have the day off. ZDNet has an article where "sources" have said that Handspring will release two new Visor models October 19, including a color Visor, and a cell phone module on September 25 (just in time for my anniversary ). From the article:
Handspring will debut its first PDA with a color screen, the $449 Visor Prism. Palm released its color IIIc earlier this year, but the display was limited to 256 colors. The Prism will have 16-bit color screen generating 65,536 colors and will be pushed as a game player. It will be bundled with at least one game.
The Prism will have a 30MHz processor, 8MB of RAM, PalmOS 3.5, and a Li-Ion batttery. It will also be slightly thicker than current Visors.

A second unit, the Visor Platinum, is an updated Deluxe that is $299, has the 30MHz processor, and OS 3.5. It will still use 2 AAA batteries and will have a monochrome screen.

The rechargable GSM VisorPhone will be $299 and have a built-in earpiece, integrated software, and caller ID.

Yes! Discuss this news item here. Thanks to qRichardC for the news item.

C|Net also has an article on the color Visor and the cell phone module.

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