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Omnisky impressions

Fri Nov 10, 2000 - 8:24 AM EST - By James Hromadka

OmniskyI finally got my hands on Omnisky's Springboard module yesterday. I'm not sure if I'll have a review finished before we leave for Comdex, so I'll give you the low-down on a few points now:
  • Mac users can use Omnisky. The first thing I noticed when I opened the box was two Getting Started sheets -- one for Windows and one for the Mac. Basically Mac users do the entire setup on the module and must update Omnisky content wirelessly using ScoutSync. Windows users have a ScoutSync conduit that handles this but can also use ScoutSync when on the road.
  • Any PQA will run on Omnisky (unlike YadaYada). The manual states this clearly and there are a few that come with the module
  • Start clearing space. You need about 1.5 MB of space for Omnisky (grumble).
  • No color yet. Omnisky says they're working on it.
  • TCP/IP app work fine. AvantGo worked fine (although slowly) with Omnisky. I had to download a special version of AIM for Palm OS to get it working. I am having trouble getting email to work though.
Overall I like what I see so far. The Minstrel S modem is not as bulky as pictures show it to be. This is a far better implementation than the @ctiveLink.

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