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Handspring releases update for VPL & VPR

Mon Nov 13, 2000 - 9:48 PM EST - By Marcus Adolfsson

Handspring has released a software update for all English-language Visor Platinum and Visor Prism handhelds.

The update provides the following:

Improved Graffiti writing performance on Visor Prism handheld.

Modem HotSync operation capability that was not previously implemented. A modem HotSync operation can be used to perform synchronization remotely. Using your handheld with a communications Springboard module, you can dial into an analog modem that is connected to your PC or Mac and synchronize your data.

Fixes Connection method editing. After modifying the default profiles in the Connection section of Preferences, a USB HotSync operation or IR synchronization - which worked previously - would fail.

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