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JackBack support for CompactFlash, Matchbook news

Thu Mar 8, 2001 - 9:34 AM EST - By Marcus Adolfsson

Brayder Technologies and MatchBook Products
today announced that JackBack, a backup application, will support making backups onto CompactFlash. Scott mentioned this functionality in his article InnoPocket vs. MatchBookDrive

MatchBook Products will be bundling the JackBack software with their MatchBookDrive Adapter when they release their new MD-100 and MD-200 adapter models in late March.

"We are happy to be able to offer CompactFlash support for Visor owners,” said Brad Kish, President of Brayder Technologies. “This technology offers an affordable way for Visor owners to expand the memory on their Visor, and to keep a constant backup of their important files."

The MatchBookDrive [visorcentral review] Adapter is a passive adapter that fits into the Springboardslot of a Visor and allows files to be copied from the RAM (random access memory) of the Visor to a CompactFlash card for storage. When the file is needed, it can be copied back into RAM in just a few seconds. MatchBook Products began shipping the MatchBookDrive Adapter on February 15, 2001. The MatchBookDrive Adapter was the world’s first commercially-available Springboard to CompactFlash adapter.

The MatchBookDrive Adapter also allows the use of the FAFileMover software sold by
Kopsis MatchBook Products will include the Kopsis FAFileMover software with the MD-100 and MD-200 adapters.

 “Our software bundle will have a retail value of $30,” said Keith Hudson, manager of MatchBook Products LLC. “At a $45 retail price, we think our new MD-100 and MD-200 adapters will offer a very good value to customers. We will also be offering a special price on the JackBack software to our existing customers,” said Hudson.

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