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Status of Palm Desktop OS X & 4.0 updates

Thu Mar 15, 2001 - 9:08 AM EST - By James Hromadka

Mac OS XWith March 24 and the release of Mac OS X drawing near, I asked Handspring when we can expect an updated version of the Mac Palm Desktop. Here is the "official" response:
Handspring is a licensee of the Palm OS. As such, we work closely with Palm to develop new enhancements to the ROM and Desktop software. Palm is still working on a new "carbonized" version of Palm Desktop to work with MacOS X, but a definitive schedule has not been determined. Handspring is very interested to support this new version when it becomes available to licensees.
I also asked about Palm Desktop 4.0 for Windows. Many VisorCentral readers have found a workaround, but there hasn't yet been an official release from Handspring. The company is still testing PD4 currently and will "develop a plan for releasing an update via [their] website" once testing is complete.

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