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Handspring introduces authorized reseller program

Tue Mar 27, 2001 - 2:57 PM EST - By Marcus Adolfsson

Handspring today introduced a program through which qualified resellers and VARs (value-added resellers) can procure and resell Handspring's popular Visor line of expandable handheld computers, accessories and Springboard expansion modules.

The company has entered into an agreement with leading global technology distributor Ingram Micro, which will provide distribution services for qualified resellers.

This program is Handspring's first step towards building a more robust channel for Visor sales in corporate markets. Handspring intends to qualify resellers who can demonstrate strong execution and expertise in specific corporate segments.

"We are seeing great demand for our products in corporate America. As a result of the Visor's easy configuration capability and plug-and-play expandability these products really appeal to businesses in enterprise and vertical segments," said Greg Woock, vice president of North American sales for Handspring, Inc. "Working with Ingram Micro, which has a great track record in these categories, we plan to bring on a targeted and proven set of reseller partners that enable us to better serve the needs of these customers."
"We look forward to providing Handspring with the solutions we can offer as a leader in emerging technologies," said Donna Grothjan, vice president, general manager product management, systems, Ingram Micro U.S. "In a key category like personal digital assistants (PDAs), we are well positioned to help Handspring build go-to-market strategies that best target the corporate arena."

Handspring's agreement with Ingram Micro now enables value-added resellers to market and sell Visor handheld computers and Springboard expansion modules made available by Handspring.

Over 40 specialized Springboard expansion modules, some of which are made available by Handspring, are shipping today offering solutions for wireless communications, multi-media content delivery, storage & memory expansion, bar-code scanning, digital photography and data sensing. Many of these companies such as Novatel, Xircom and MARGI Systems have a long history of relationships with value-added resellers.

Handspring's agreement with Ingram Micro enables the VAR channel to sell multi-vendor Visor solutions for enterprise deployment.

Applications and more information on qualifying for Handpring's authorized reseller program are available at

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