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56K update for original Thinmodem

Sat Mar 31, 2001 - 5:52 PM EST - By James Hromadka

Card Access has released a software update for the original Thinmodem. Version 2.1 adds the following new features:
  • V.90/56K Support.
  • Browse-it 2.0 (16-bit color).
  • One-Touch version 2 by JP Systems (full-feature).
  • File Mover v1.4 (corrects potential corruption on OS3.5 units during compaction)
  • Disconnect Button in Modem Status Screen.
  • "Network Disconnect in Progress" Alert

    The update is a 540Kb zip file. I think it's great that Card Access not only gave its users 56Kbps speed like the company promised, but also updated its other included applications.

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