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Body-Suit by Extreme Limit

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The Extreme Limit BodySuit for the Visor is a well-made leather flip-style case. There are cutouts for the screen and buttons and they are very thought out for use with the Visor Deluxe. There is a hole on the back that allows you to hit the reset button without removing the Visor from the case. There is also a cutout for the side infrared port. The case also has slots for credit cards and identification, so it can act as a wallet.

See VisorCentral's extensive review for more infomation...

User Opinions
Thumbs Up  43% Thumbs Down 57%

Thumbs Up

Overall a very nice case
Yes, it's a little bulky compared to the slipper BUT it accomodates springboards much better. Also I don't have to worry about the cover popping open like I did with the slipper. I love being able to stand my Prism up on my desk using this case. My only complaint with it is I wish the spring on the belt clip was a little stronger. I have managed to pop it off my belt a couple times.
by Joe Richmond

Thumbs Down

No not really attractive-
It is too bulky- ok if you really have a need to carry on your belt- I would find another solution.
by Anonymous

Thumbs Down

My review is biased by the fact that I love the E&B Slipper Case
I'll admit right up front that I don't have this case. I'm basing my opinion on the picture, the 4 other reviews already posted and most importantly my personal experience with 2 other Visor cases. The case that I use and swear by is the Visor Slipper w/Belt Clip from I bought it based on the review I read right here on this site. The only reason you ever need to take it off is to change the batteries! It is so comfortable and well made that I can even drive with it on (along with a heavy winter coat). Just read the review by James Hromadka to see what I mean. The other case I really like is the Vaja, which I bought my wife for Christmas. Very sturdy, super stylish, functional. I know it's unfair to judge it without actually using it but this "Body-Suit" case looks weird. The Slipper is the best on the market!
by NewarkNupe

Thumbs Down

where's the looks?
c'mon, the visors about style and excellence...
by Anonymous

Thumbs Up

I bought this the day it came out
I think the critic and the users are a little harsh. I wonder if the thumbs down even owns it? When I bought the case, I was asked to do a review of it and to let everyone know if this is the case to buy. It's a shame I didn't speak up quicker because it seems no one has an extended working experience with this case. So I will speak for myself and say there are some shortcomings but this case if the best on the marketplace. The case if made of sturdy leather and is structured to not collapse when the Visor isn't inserted. The case is a little weighty, but that is evidence that tough materials were used. The buttons are not covered in plastic like other cases, and the stitching on the case reinforces the cases design and strength. The case provides ample space for normal size SpringBoards to fit without any change in the size of the case and still perform. Fans of the soundsgood should love this case. And yes, this case has troubles fitting the Minstrel S and the SpringPort... but what case will ever fit all oversized springboards? If you think you have an answer, recosider the amount of protection the case gives. I also think the critic was not informed on the syncing situation. After reading a lot of the read-ups for the Rhodiana I saw that a lot of people don't mind having to remove the Visor from the case as long as removing it wasn't trying to maneuver around a plastic strip. This case is a simple push through the sync hole and pops right out... although it will never unexpectedly pop out due to its comfortable fit. The case is precisely fitted to work with the traveler sync cable. The flip folds nicely out of the way and holds up to 5 or 6 credit cards combining the two slots. The wallet is where you store your cash. That is why it is velcro'ed on the back of the case for removal. I have stored a lot of receipt and bills and the wallet never once gave the impression it was burst at the seams. If you question the logic of velcro'ing a wallet to a mobile case, you have to look at the quality of the velco. It's professional grade with enough support that no accidents will occur. I truly don't agree with those that believe this case isn't either the #1 or #2 well-made case on the market. I will defend this case no matter the circumstance.
by timmins

Thumbs Up

I like it!
This looks good with an all leather outfit.
by SteveS

Thumbs Down

This thing looks like the Vaja's ugly stepbrother. Go with the Vaja instead.
by Anonymous


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