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Weight: 4.3 oz

Size: 5.5" x 4.25" x 2.13"

Warranty: Lifetime

Availability Unknown

Universal PDA/Stowaway Combo case by Targus

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You have a Stowaway. You also own a PDA. Now you need a case that will not only hold both of them, but also shield them from the outside world. The Universal PDA and Keyboard case is just what you need. This PDA and Keyboard Case is specifically designed to carry and secure both your PDA and your Stowaway keyboard in one convenient case. Constructed of soft glove leather, this case combines stylish protection and innovative design. The easy-access front compartment, with loop-closure, holds your PDA and business cards. The zippered secondary compartment securely holds your keyboard. And like all our cases, it's covered by our Lifetime Warranty, so you can rest easy knowing you are protected for life.

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User Opinions
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Thumbs Up

It's decent, but ...
I most often use the keyboard when I want to do some computer work and watch some TV (computer's in another room) so I don't really need the case. I actually got it for free when I bought my Stowaway (via rebate at Staples); otherwise, I probably wouldn't have gotten it as I object to the use of Velcro. I did think of using the velcro on the lid, but at the time I was still using it with the original leather case and felt it would cause problems. (I also thought of trying to get another Visor lid but didn't know where to get one.) Since I now have a "Bumper" case to protect my Visor when I'm out and about, it's kinda moot and likely I will do the lid thing.
by Yorick

Thumbs Up

Overall good, but two problems ...
First, the Velcro. Velcro is ugly evil. However, if you use a standard-thickness Visor, the simple and elegant solution is to Velcro the hard-cover into the case, and then attach your Visor to that. This doesn't work for beleaguered Prism owners, so what I did instead was use only a single square of Velcro and put it on the plastic Springboard cover. Then I can just slide the Visor in and out. It's not immensely secure, but that's not a huge biggie ... because of the second "problem." The case is very bulky. Because of that, I remove my Visor from the case when I'm using it. (I also bought a Vaja case (and it rocks) for use when I don't need to carry my Stowaway (which is most of the time).) In general, though, the case looks great, holds the PDA and keyboard just fine, and seems to be of very high quality. If you carry your Stowaway everywhere, this case is a no-brainer. Even if you don't, it might be worthwhile for when you do carry it.
by wilder_jw

Thumbs Up

Awesome Case, No Need for the Velcro!
I own a Visor Prism and a Stowaway keyboard. After trying three different cases for each, I found the combo case on the Targus website and boy, am I pleased with my purchase. The leather is top notch and the zippered section for the Stowaway is a perfect fit. I was a little apprehensive when I saw the big Velcro hook face as I opened the box, especially owning a Prism and not being able to velcro in the hard snap cover. However, I found that you can put your Prism in the leather slipcase that came with the PDA, place the unit in the combo case (sliding it up against the plastic rail for the Palm Pilots) and close the combo case securely. There is plenty of room on the leather latch to secure the case closed, and the friction between the leather of the slipcase and the leather of the combo case prevent the Visor from slipping out the sides. If you own a Stowaway and want to keep your Visor and keyboard together, I HIGHLY recommend this case.
by Redrocks

Thumbs Up

This is a nice unit
I got one of these from my wife for Christmas from Staples. It has been extremely handy. I actually velcroed the plastic Visor cover to the case and that makes it easy to get the visor out, but, it doesn't fall out. Very secure. Great product and highly recommended!
by gringuito


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