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New Compact Flash Adapter from MemPlug

Fri May 25, 2001 - 11:17 PM EDT - By Marcus Adolfsson

More Compact Flash news today...

Portable Innovation Technology has a new member in the MemPlug Springboard Family: MemPlug Compact Flash.

The MemPlug Compact Flash Adapter is similar to the company's existing MemPlug module [review], but uses Compact Flash Cards for storage rather than SmartMedia.

  • Reverse CF mounting for easy insertion/removal of the CF card

  • Plug-and-Play with 6 self installing apps + 1 PC/Mac software

  • PiBackup: 1 touch backup and restore

  • PiViewer: JPEG decoding

  • PiMover: Move and Copy Files to and from the CF and Visor internal memory. Support up to 25levels of directories creation on the CF card.

  • PiPrefs: CF card management

  • gMovie Player: Direct playback of gMovie Video and Still images from
    the CF card. Play up to 1 hour of video on your Visor.

  • CSpotRun: View Doc file in the CF card directly. Carry and view unlimited number of e-books on your Visor.

  • gMovie Maker (PC/Mac software): Convert industrial standards video clips and still images (AVI, QuickTime, MPEG1, JPG, Flash ....) to gMovie Video or Still images

  • Supports MemPlug SM memory compatible software

The module will be available June 21st and costs $49.95


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