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ElectroMedical Research announces Neural Fx Delta and Gamma Modules

Fri Jun 1, 2001 - 6:38 PM EDT - By Marcus Adolfsson

ElectroMedical Research have announced two new modules that they claim are capable of relieving stress, control pain, improve concentration, and more through micro current stimulation while on the go.

From their Press Release:

The Delta Module is to be used by persons desiring: Rapid Stress Relief, Control of Pain, or even as an aid to study more efficiently. It has the ability to help bring about a peaceful and tranquil state of mind, naturally, safely and effectively. If used before bed, it will work as a sleep aid.

The Gamma Module is to be used by persons desiring: Wakefulness, Control of Pain, Improved Eye/Hand Coordination, Improved Focus and Concentration. This device is great for a "Mental Warm-Up" before sporting events such as Basketball, Martial Arts, Golf, Tennis, etc.

These devices work by putting a very small current similar in strength to our body's natural current, this being less than 600uA, across the brain by way of very comfortable wetted ear clips. The shape of the waveform & frequency is designed to stimulate the brainwaves you want to obtain - such as: Wakefulness, Sleepiness, Focus, Stress Reduction, or an Ideal Learning State in a perfectly natural manner to the body. The signal acts as a kind of "tuning fork" by gently putting out a tone. The brain responds by sympathizing or harmonizing with that tone.

The modules are available for order and costs $129.95


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