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VisorAdventure Update

Thu Jun 14, 2001 - 11:08 AM EDT - By Alan Graham

First of all I want to thank everyone so far for their input regarding VisorAdventure. The dicussion board has been on fire and I love that everyone has been putting in their two cents worth. This weekend I am going to look into all the locations that people asked me to visit, and all the things people wanted to see, and make an announcement as to what my plans are, and hopefully my actual departure/arrival dates. I will for sure be posting the CompUSA locations I will be visiting.

I'd like everyone to remember that this trip is about solutions and showing the world what we already know, the power of handheld computing. Again, I want any ideas or cool things you want to see me do on the trip.

So, look for an update on the VC site next week with all the stops and if you don't see your city in that list and you think we are missing a great opportunity, let me know. Keep in mind, that it isn't possible to go everywhere and hit everything, but I'm going to do my best to hit as many locations as possible.

Lastly, if you have an organization or work for a company and you want to open their eyes to handheld computing, write me and I will see if I can stop in and give a demonstration.


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