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VisorAdventure Update

Mon Aug 13, 2001 - 1:28 PM EDT - By Alan Graham

Many of you are probably wondering how the trip is coming along. Well the preparations have taken over my life and my house. I gave up soda two years ago, but recently have been sucking down Coke like a chain smoker on two packs a day. I never really was a smoker, but now may be a good time to start. Nicotine may provide me with the added kick I seem to be missing.

My house looks like a tornado that went through a PDA trade show floor. There are wrappers everywhere, empty/half empty boxes, and dog hair. We gave the dogs a bath on Saturday and apparently this undid some fo the special dog glue that keeps the hair on the body. It looks like the floor of a barber shop in here.

Dana, my fiance, has informed me we are no longer allowed to wear clothes until we leave. She isn't doing any more laundry. I support the move, but the neighbors might complain. She has also informed me that I will be getting a new, less smelly, pair of sandals before we leave. Nag, nag, nag. Next thing she'll make me get some new underwear or something.

Five days to go. Five short days. Clock is ticking and time is winding down. Don't panic, breathe deeply. Not too deeply. Inhale the smoke. Enjoy the mild menthol flavor.

Friday is the day. I hope everyone on the Richmond area will stop in and see me. I have put together a lot of great giveaways for the trip. I mean it! Literally thousands of dollars of gear and software. Everyday, someone wins something on the site, and the people who come out to the stores double their odds.

So come out, shake hands, show me your Visor and I'll show you mine.


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