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Success Overwhelming Handspring

Mon Dec 13, 1999 - 2:46 AM EST - By

Technical problems

Along with order problems, Handspring has found that it is also having some technical problems with the product. Users have been complaining to Internet user groups that the Visor is not syncing data with their PC. While Handspring is still investigating some of the problems, it admits that some of the first units that the company shipped did not have adequate buffering against static electricity charges, which could have been the cause of some data swapping problems. Customers with this problem can return their units for a replacement if found defective.

But the fixes can’t come soon enough. The average wait period had now been delayed to anywhere between four and six weeks, leaving very little hope of getting one for the holidays. The only other opportunity has been the recent findings at e-Bay, where individuals have been selling their Visors, usually brand new with the promise that one can get one for Christmas. But to get one in this manner has not been cheap, with the prices for a Visor going well past 350 dollars. However, with no one else allowed to sell the device thus far, many have bid with the hopes of getting one before the millennium.

Like with many companies, the early users are often very critical to the success of new high tech products, especially in the rapidly moving computing industry. But as Handsprings is finding out the hard way, it not enough to put together a cheaper and more capable product. Because even in the age of digital advancement, the customer is still number one.


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