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GeoDiscovery Q&A

Last Updated Wed Jun 28, 2000 - 11:44 AM EDT - By James Hromadka

Software, beta process

VC (James): What are some of the content categories besides restaurants and hotels that people will be able to search on?

Joe Free: Much of our content is based on where you go, so if you're in the city, we have areas like dining, lodging, entertainment, shopping, culture, recreation, services. Each one of those [categories] can be broken down. For example, when going dining, [the user] can select Italian, French, Japanese, etc. In the city, this makes sense, but if I'm out on the river, there may be different categories that I'm looking at so I can find a bait shop. We are working with different content partners to provide data, and that data will be mapped to how their data is setup. Data for cities can use these categories, but if you do an outdoor guide, it will be a little different than that, and it will show up based on where you are.

VC (James): How will the beta process work for the Geode?

Joe Free: It's a series of tests. We need to test all aspects of the whole experience, and that is not just on the Visor; it is also on the web and in other places. We'll have user interface tests on the Visor software, on the web software, and other little pieces. As we move further along, those pieces come together and then we need to start testing hardware. We'll pick some lucky people - I hope I'm one of them - based on location. If we have content for San Francisco, or maybe based on what you do, maybe we need an aviation guy, or a lawyer in Atlanta. We hope to get as many people as possible to test this because it's great feedback.

VC (James): Ok great, thank you for your time.


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