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New Poll

Sun Mar 31, 2002 - 12:38 AM EST - By Michael Ducker

After about 5 months on the voting block, we have finally updated our poll with a new question. First here are the results of the old poll.

"What streaming applications do you want VC to use ..."

Quicktime - 369
Real - 222
Windows Media - 166
Other - 16

The new poll asks "If VisorCentral started VisorRadio again (weekly live or archived 30 minute web-radio show), what would you like to see in it"

You may choose fromthe following responces: VOTE NOW! (on your right hand sidebar on the main page, near the bottom)

Recap of weeks news
Interviews with the Industry
Member email/IM/Call-in for general discussion
Member email/IM/Call-in for troubleshooting
I wouldn't listen to VisorRadio

Happy Easter everyone!


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