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Comments on PC Week Article

Mon Nov 8, 1999 - 8:00 AM EST - By James Hromadka

PC Week has an article that sums up the history of Handspring's shipping and e-commerce problems. One point the article is incorrect about is the following:

"In response, disgruntled customers formed a support group at, where they posted dozens of messages."

This sounds like VisorCentral was created as a response to the Handspring shipping problems, which is not the case. As our editor-in-chief Marcus Adolfsson pointed out, "VisorCentral went online 9/9/99, a week before Handspring even announced their product. The site was very active from the start, and shipping problems did not start occurring until last month. While disgruntled customers has since made their voice heard through our open discussion boards, there was no griping "support group" formed at VisorCentral."

Carmen Nobel of PC Week responded to our inquiry by saying that it was not her intent to make it seem that VC was the result of Handspring complaints.


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