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Desktop OS Poll Results

Wed Dec 29, 1999 - 1:10 PM EST - By James Hromadka

The results from the latest VisorCentral poll are in. We asked readers what desktop OS they used when syncing their Visors. The Windows OS is used by 61.82% of our voters, which isn't too surprising. The result that surprised me was how many of you are using the MacOS. No doubt that the ability to sync with a Mac out of the box is a real selling point of the Visor. Below are the complete results.

07.27 % Windows 95 (032)
39.77 % Windows 98(175)
12.05 % Windows NT(053)
02.73 % Windows 2000(012)
30.45 % MacOS (134)
05.91 % Linux (026)
01.82 % Other OS (008)
Total votes: 440


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