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MS: "Palm has brainwashed people"

Sat Aug 12, 2000 - 3:16 AM EDT - By James Hromadka

C|Net has an interview with Ben Waldman, vice-president of Microsoft's mobile devices group. He makes some pretty sharp remarks about Palm and how the company seems to change its definition of "simple" every time Palm adds a new feature to its products. Here are some of his quotes from the article:
"You know, Palm has brainwashed people for so many years. They've told people, "Well, it's all the things it can do--the's very simple and that's all you can do."
(Palm's) whole "simple" thing is so self-serving. When you think about last year, color wasn't part of simple. (They) didn't want to do color. Now all of the sudden color is included in simple because they can do a color device.
Of course later on, when discussing wireless, Waldman says that not having to enter you zip code to locate nearby restaurants and movie times would be useful. Very useful, considering that capability is already there in the Palm VII. As Shakespeare said, "I understand a fury in your words, but not the words."


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