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FrameMaker in FireViewer

Mon Dec 4, 2000 - 5:28 PM EST - By James Hromadka

Quadrelay Corporation and Firepad, Inc. announced today that they are working on a solution to bring Adobe® FrameMaker® documents to Palm-compatibles. From the press release:
Quadralay intends to implement support for Firepad’s FireViewer™ format, the standard format for rich content on handheld devices, into Quadralay’s WebWorks® suite of software products. This will fully automate the conversion of FrameMaker documents for seamless delivery to Palm devices. Correspondingly, Firepad intends to resell Quadralay’s WebWorks products to enterprises seeking to deliver FrameMaker documentation to handhelds. Both companies expect this partnership to result in a market-leading solution for easily delivering documentation to Handspring Visor®, IBM WorkPad®, Palm®, Sony Clie®, Symbol SPT®, and other Palm OS-based units.
Since Firepad has also licensed PDF for use in its applications, Firepad may soon becom the de facto in media for the Palm OS.

BTW, sorry this news item is late, I've had some variant of the flu for the past few days and just now got to the computer.


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