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Firepad demonstrates new vector technology

Tue Dec 5, 2000 - 8:35 AM EST - By Marcus Adolfsson

Firepad today announced that it has demonstrated a high-speed vector rendering engine, which permits the viewing of complex geographic information system (GIS) and computer aided design (CAD) data, for the Palm platform.

Firepad's vector solution is fast, thin, and industry compliant. The technology is capable of loading data at a rate of approximately 1,000 vectors per second, and rendering data at approximately 2,500 vectors per second. A complex CAD drawing can be rendered in approximately four seconds; a consumer map can be rendered almost instantaneously.

The client component of the solution is designed to support data files of up to 250,000 vectors, and is only 10kb in size. Firepad's vector technology was developed in accordance with ISO 8632, the international standard for vector data specified by
the International Organization for Standardization.

"Firepad's new vector display technology, along with our licensing program, bursts open the handheld market for GIS software companies, and the GIS market for handheld manufacturers and system integrators," said Kenneth J. Marshall, Firepad's president and chief operating officer.


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