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SyncML 1.0 spec posted

Thu Dec 7, 2000 - 4:50 PM EST - By James Hromadka

Way back in February, Palm and a host of other companies announced the SyncML initiative. Today they released the SyncML 1.0 specification, detailing how companies can make their products interact seamlessly with one another. From the press release:
SyncML-enabled products and services will offer consumers mobile freedom by synchronizing personal data and providing interoperability among all SyncML-compliant products and services. Consumers and business professionals alike will be able to synchronize their personal data, such as contacts and calendars, in mobile terminals with various applications and services including corporate personal information managers, Internet calendars, Internet address books and more. Synchronization will be possible locally and remotely through various transports, such as infrared, Bluetooth, HTTP and WAP, regardless of platform or manufacturer. This open standard will enable device manufacturers, application developers, Internet companies, and wireless operators to have SyncML-compliant products and services commercially available as early as the Q1 2001.
From what I understand, this would eliminate/reduce the need for all of those individual conduits we have for our applications and Springboard modules.


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