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Colorful Travel Cradle

Thu Dec 7, 2000 - 5:00 PM EST - By James Hromadka

iBIZ Technology has a Folding Travel Cradle for Visor that comes with the cables necessary to work with both serial and USB ports, as well as five faceplates so you can match the cradle to the color of your Visor. Here's a list of the features:
  • Includes USB & Serial Cables
  • Folds for travel - lightweight
  • Includes 5 interchangable, color faceplates
  • HotSync™ button & stylus holder
  • Adjustable from 45º to 60º angle
  • USB & Serial Connections
  • Cable length: 120cm/44inches

Price is $29.99 and the cradle is now available at CompUSA.

Thanks to Scott Olendorf for the news item. Discuss the Travel Cradle here.


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