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ActiveSky releases encoding software

Mon Dec 11, 2000 - 5:49 PM EST - By James Hromadka

ActiveSky released today Media Writer 3.0, which allows business and personal users to convert media content into a format compatible with handheld devices. From the press release:
Business and personal users can now enjoy expanded multimedia capabilities on their handhelds. Companies can build demonstrations, presentations and training videos for professionals to access directly from their mobile device, while consumers can download home movie clips or favorite videos and animations to have with them at all times.
ActiveSky has signed content providers to distribute news, entertainment and educational short programs that viewers can enjoy and share with friends. The company's underlying technology incorporates digital rights management features to safeguard copyrighted materials. And, with built-in XML scripting features, an advanced compression algorithm and error correction capabilities, ActiveSky's media player allows for interactivity, as well as compatibility across low bandwidth network connections.
The encoder is currently available "to a select number of corporate and content providers." For additional information contact


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