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Attach Images to Contacts using Eyemodule

Mon Dec 18, 2000 - 11:33 PM EST - By Marcus Adolfsson

Visor users can now match a face with a name using the new, free eyecontact software application for use with the eyemodule digital camera.

Created by the eyemodule development team, eyecontact works with an eyemodule user's existing address book to attach photos to individual entries. The eyecontact software is now posted at as a free download.

"How many times after a business trip or after a big meeting have you wished that you could associate a face with a stack of business cards? Now with the eyemodule and the eyecontact software on a Visor, you can! We think this is one of those 'killer apps' that will make digital photography on handhelds really take off," stated Dennis Boyle, leader of the eyemodule development team at IDEO in Palo Alto.

eyecontact works in conjunction with the eyemodule digital camera image capture feature, and the address book included with the Visor handheld. The images can be selected from an existing eyemodule database or can be captured directly by the eyecontact application when a user has an eyemodule in the Visor's Springboard expansion slot. eyecontact also provides the capability to beam an address -- with an image attached -- to another Palm OS handheld unit with the eyecontact software installed.

eyecontact's features are structured in three basic modes: "Address List View" displays an eyemodule camera icon to the far right of the entry, much like the "note" icon. Tapping on the camera icon will display the attached image. "Address Record View" allows users to simply tap on an address to get a detailed view of the address selected. If an image is attached, then it will also be shown. "Edit Record" lets users create and input an image into the address record.
In "Edit Record" mode, a few functions have been added to allow consumers to choose, capture, and remove images. Tapping on "Choose" brings up a thumbnail gallery of eyemodule database images, from which an image can be selected and inserted into the address book. If the user does not have a suitable image in the database, then tapping on "Capture" (with an eyemodule in the Springboard™ slot) takes the user to a live preview where an image can be captured. Tap "Remove" to delete an image from an address record.


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