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Vote for HanDBase contest winner

Thu Dec 28, 2000 - 11:03 AM EST - By James Hromadka

DDH Software, maker of HanDBase, has been running a contest for the best custom-designed applets for its HanDBase application. Here are the finalists:
  • Ward Memo, created by Welan Lin, enables healthcare professionals to track their patients' personal information, including medical history, medications, lab work, etc.
  • Work Days, created by Kevin McCord, helps professionals who must keep track of time, expenses, mileage or telephone calls for reimbursement or billing purposes.
  • Exercise Log Suite, created by Fran Tonello, is a general-purpose exercise log that allows users to calculate health-target information for each exerciser and the amount of calories each exerciser has burned.
  • Project Tracker, created by Brad Pippert, provides project managers with a set of databases that can be used to track tasks, costs, and resources related to a project.
  • PC Manager, created by Eduardo Rocha, is an inventory and activity/time-tracking applet for those who work as IT consultants or in computer service, repair and maintenance. Users can input descriptive information and log every activity related to each computer, including setup, maintenance and updates.
You can vote for your favorite using a special Florida-inspired ballot. Voting ends January 15, and the winner will be announced January 31, giving ample time for a recount.

Speaking of the election fiasco, I came across my intro for the MiniJam vs. SoundsGood article:
This November, Americans will go to the polls to decide the first President of the United States in the new millenium. I only hope that the race for the presidency is half as interesting as the competition in the MP3 Springboard module market recently.
I would like to apologize to the nation for not being "careful what I wish for."


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