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Buy a CF Adapter

Thu Dec 28, 2000 - 3:17 PM EST - By VisorCentral Staff

Back in October, one of our enterprising readers announced development of a Compact Flash driver for the Visor. At that time, the CF Adapter was a do-it-yourself project. No more. A small company called MatchBook Products is making the adapter so you don't have to. Here are all the details from the press release:
The MatchBookDrive Adapter is a passive adapter that fits into the Springboard slot of a Visor and allows files to be copied from the RAM (random access memory) of the Visor to a Compact Flash card for storage. When the file is needed, it can be copied back into RAM in just a few seconds.

The MatchBookDrive Adapter relies on software being developed by Kopsis, Inc. that is scheduled to be commercially released in January, 2001. Presently, it is available as a time-limited free beta. Kopsis announced the development of its FAFileMover software in October 2000, and since then hundreds of Visor users have created their own adapters by making hand modifications to a standard PCMCIA to Compact Flash adapter. Kopsis, Inc. coined the term FlashAdapter to refer to the modified adapter needed to use their software, and published instructions on building the adapters by hand. Postings to the FlashAdapter-Forum discussion group on indicate that Visor users have greeted the availability of compact flash memory for the Visor enthusiastically and are using their flashadapters to store medical references, dictionaries, e-books and even full-motion video.

Unlike the Handspring Memory module, the MatchBookDrive Adapter does not contain any software on the module. Users download the software and install it on their Visor themselves. Kopsis, Inc. has announced that the FAFileMover software will be available at PalmGear for $5 when it is released commercially. Unlike the Handspring Memory module, which allows the use of some files directly from expansion memory, the FAFileMover software requires files stored on the compact flash card to be copied into the Visor's RAM before use.

The MatchBookDrive Adapter (MBD) retails for $30 (includes US shipping) but will be $20 (shipped anywhere) until January 15. The actual driver from Kopsis must be obtained separately. The main benefit of the MBD is that the CF card will fit flush with the Visor, making this a standard-size module.

I should point out that the press release was incorrect about the MBD Adapter being the first non-compliant Springboard product; the TaleLight also requires software to be installed separately.

Discuss the MBD Adapter here.


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