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Free Graffiti replacement

Tue Jan 2, 2001 - 1:43 PM EST - By James Hromadka

ThumbscriptIs the Graffiti™ handwriting recognition system too slow for you? Thumbscript Development, LLC has released a free version of its Go-Thumbscript software that speeds up text entry by 25%. From the press release:
The Thumbscript, alphabet is based on the world¹s most common input device, the telephone keypad. The unique idea behind the technology is seeing the keypad, not as a series of numbers, but as a simple drawing slate. Users "draw" letters on the 9 buttons of the keypad or on a 9 dot target. With a
visual resemblance to standard letters, Thumbscript is remarkably easy to learn and natural to use. Extending the visual metaphor, the system gives direct access to everything on the standard keyboard without mode shifting or menu choices.
You can find out how Thumbscript works here. There is also a Professional version that includes a screen overlay.


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