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SoundsGood Easter Egg

Wed Jan 3, 2001 - 6:07 PM EST - By James Hromadka

SoundsGoodYou never know what you may find by fiddling with the About screen. I found an Easter Egg in the SoundsGood MP3 module that shows the developer's credits scroll by.

To see the egg, do the following inside AudioPlayer:
  • Bring up the SoundsGood player app
  • Tap the menu icon to bring up the menu
  • Tap down and hold the "about..." selection
  • While holding down the "about.." selection press and hold the "up" button
  • Release on the "about..." menu item
  • Release the up button when the about screen comes up

    I couldn't get a screenshot, but here's the text of what you see:
    Many people worked to build this product. The product was Cliff Mercer's idea. It would never have happened otherwise.

    Mac Wilson at NCTR got us the Cirrus Arm Processor and supported us in so many ways. We couldn't have done it without his help.

    Kyra Shuster and Ariene at UMAI took a risk the manufacture the module

    Sam Leffler saw that we were in over our heads and joined anyway. Sam touched every file in the source tree.

    Maggie Birmingham and Bill Evens at Bridge took a chance on us when they took the job to design the plastics

    Dave Whorton and Joel Jewitt showed me that this was bigger than a music player and made me take a day job.

    Bill Babowal sorted out the bill of materials and made a manufacturable product.

    Scott Warren graciously got roped into helping with the Windows source code.

    Thanks to everyone at Good: [Long list of Names]

    A special thanks to [Your HotSync name], our favorite customer!
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