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Cirque Pocket Keyboard

Fri Jan 5, 2001 - 3:15 PM EST - By James Hromadka

Cirque Pocket KeyboardCirque will soon be releasing a Pocket Keyboard™ for handheld computers. The Pocket Keyboard is a capacitive touch panel based on GlidePoint™ technology.

The keyboard connects to the USB connector on the base of the Visor and can be used on either a flat surface or in the user's hands. It's also small enough to fit in your pocket (3.85" x 2.685" x 0.4") and is powered by two CR2032 Lithium Coin Cells.

The Pocket Keyboard is to begin shipping early in the second quarter with a street price of $39.00. The keyboard reminds me of the Motorola PageWriter 2-way pager and could be the entry-level keyboard for cost-conscious consumers.

Discuss the Pocket Keyboard here. Thanks to Coyote67 for the news.


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