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Geode quick impressions

Thu Jan 25, 2001 - 3:21 PM EST - By James Hromadka

GeoDiscoveryWell I got in the Geode GPS module today from GeoDiscovery. If there was an award for originality in Springboard module design, the Geode would be the winner. When it's outside the Visor, the Geode reminds me of an octopus or that giant black squid from Babylon 5.

I haven't gotten much of a chance to try out the Geode inside the Visor, but I was happy to see that the maps that come with the standalone GeoView Mobile are stored on the module itself. That alone saves almost 1 MB of data for me until GeoData Manager becomes available.

I've only been able to test the Geode on the balcony outside my office building but am impressed with how quickly it got a fix on my location (less than a minute) and how well the compass worked.

I'll have plenty more in my full review of the Geode next week.


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