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Magellan GPS Companion available

Tue Jan 30, 2001 - 11:32 PM EST - By James Hromadka

Magellan announced today the availability of its GPS Companion™ Springboard module for the Handspring Visor. From the press release:
The MAP Companion software provides access to multiple street maps with exceptional detail of the entire United States, while the NAV Companion software provides navigation information such as position coordinates, heading, bearing, speed, distance to go, estimated time of arrival and more. Visor users can test a free version of NAV Companion at GPS Companion's versatile design and standard interface also offer users the flexibility of interchanging compatible third party Palm OS mapping software applications.

GPS Companion allows users to see their position on a map, scroll through maps with the stylus, track their course, create and save waypoints and routes and beam saved data to other Handspring Visor handhelds. It features convenient pull-down menus, a multi-level zoom function and a ``Find'' function to quickly locate streets and intersections. The directional ``You Are Here'' icon steers the user to their destination while the map automatically scrolls during travel. GPS Companion also provides preloaded landmark icons that indicate many major airports, hospitals, shopping centers, golf courses and more.

Compatible with Handspring Visor, Visor Prism, Visor Deluxe and Visor Platinum handhelds, which must be purchased separately, the GPS Companion for the Handspring Visor boxed set includes the GPS receiver, two AAA batteries and a CD-ROM containing MAP Companion (grayscale and color) street-mapping software and NAV Companion navigation software. Optional accessories include a canvas carrying case, a vehicle mounting bracket and a 12V power cable for extended in-vehicle use. (For safety reasons, the driver should not use this device in a vehicle while in motion to assist the driver to navigate.)
I've already gotten some emails from readers that have found the GPS Companion at CompUSA. Speaking of GPS Modules, I should have the full review of the GeoDiscovery by this weekend. Discuss the GPS Companion here.


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