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Wednesday Tidbits

Wed Feb 21, 2001 - 1:30 PM EST - By James Hromadka

There's been a lot of news items within the past day so I'm going to post some tidbits here instead of giving them full news items...

Handspring is working with Wavecom, a developer of wireless standard modules (WISMO™), on the "development of future wireless data products and modules for the U.S., Europe and other global GSM markets." Here are some details on WISMO from the press release:
WISMO, which stands for Wireless Standard Module, is a compact, fully integrated device containing all of the software, hardware and other technology needed to implement a wireless telecommunications standard. WISMO modules are available in PCS1900 versions for the North American market as well as 900 MHz, 1800 MHz and dual-band versions for GSM applications elsewhere. GPRS functions provide a variety of high-speed data and multimedia communications options to enable such applications as wireless Internet.

Revolve Design has is working on a version of its new Roadwriter, a car mount that integrates a keyboard so you can take your work literally on the road. A Visor version will be out later this quarter. Just make sure that you pull off the road if you're going to do any work!

According to market research by PC Data, Palm and Handspring lost some marketshare to the Pocket PC in January. Palm is down to 60.5% from 65%, while Handspring slipped slightly to 26% from 27%. Compaq and HP rose to higher levels of their single-digit market share. See this C|Net article for more details.


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