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Slipper Visor with VisorPhone Case

Thu May 3, 2001 - 12:38 PM EDT - By Susan Midlarsky

Product Info
Name Slipper Visor with VisorPhone Case
Company E&B Company
Fact Sheet & User Opinions
$54.95 (w/ clip)
$51.95 (w/o clip)

The Case

The case is made of good-quality leather, with a nice look and good stitching. It feels solid and long-lasting. It fits the Visor well; the fit is snug, and there is little to no extra padding.

Getting the case on the first time is a bit like getting dressed when you're three years old: the shirt has too many holes and you're not quite sure what part goes where. I finally figured it out, and the configuration matched the picture on the package, but when my Visor is in the case it looks lopsided. That's because the antenna hits the top leather too far over. This causes the holes to be slightly offset.

Visor tilted in the case The biggest problem with the tilt is that it made it very difficult at first to reach the Visor's power button. It was possible to push the power button general area through the leather, but since that plastic tends to be be weak, I would rather avoid that. It's also possible to use fingernails or stylus to hit the button. Neither is an ideal solution.

After a few days of wear, the leather stretched so that it was possible to pull the case straight . It would still tilt back, but after more wear it should be possible to keep it straight. The power button is easier, though still not easy, to press.

Another real issue is access to my stylus. I use the Pentopia Chameleon stylus which has a built-in pen. Its ridges for removing the stylus are lower than on other styli, making it impossible to remove it from in the case. Therefore I can't push the stylus all the way in. As it's an expensive stylus, it would be a pity to lose it. This shouldn't be a problem with other styli, including the standard Visor stylus and other premium styli. These have removal ridges higher up on the stylus.

The belt clip is good quality, a swivel clip that feels like it will never fall off. I'm not big on wearing belts, but the clip also clips securely onto a purse strap and even onto the unusual cup holder in my car, great for making in-car calls. A button releases the case conveniently but not too easily. It seems secure and reliable.

With the Visor phone module, the size of the Visor increases considerably. The case also adds to the weight and bulk. If you store an earphone in the convenient back pocket, the bulk increases even more. I use the Sybersay Earlite earphone, the only one I found to work clearly. It's a bit bigger than standard ones, but it still fits in the pocket.

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