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Tue May 22, 2001 - 11:14 PM EDT - By Mark Pierson

Product Info
Name FlipCover
Company DesignOvation
Colors: Black, Blue, Green, Ice, Orange
Fact Sheet & User Opinions


The FlipCover offers a high level of screen protection, allowing you to safely carry your Visor in a pocket or bag without having to worry about screen damage like scratches, etc. It does not, however, offer any additional protection from falls or drops. It is a well designed and well constructed Visor accessory that is ideal for those that do not use any (or just an occasional) Springboard modules. When compared to the Flip-Clip with the Palm III reproduction lids, the FlipCover offers a much better fit and appearance at the expense of being able to use modules.

I have made the FlipCover a permanent accessory, using it to carry my VDx safely in the Handspring SportCase.



Design 5
Cost 5
Usability 4
Installation 5
(not an average)
- Provides good screen protection
- Easy to install and use
- Inexpensive
- The basic model cannot be used with Springboard modules
- The Springboard module adapter only works with standard size modules

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