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Fact Sheet & User Opinions

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Colors: Black, Blue, Green, Ice, Orange

Availability Unknown

FlipCover by DesignOvation

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The FlipCover is the only cover for the Visor that allows the cover to completely flip flush to the back of the visor.

This FlipCover plugs into the springboard slot of any Handspring Visor.

The cover's hinge is removable so when you are ready to buy a module, make sure it is FlipCover compatable.

See VisorCentral's extensive review for more infomation...

User Opinions
Thumbs Up  77% Thumbs Down 23%

Thumbs Down

Piece of junk
I really REALLY REALLY wanted to love this cover. I've wanted a flip cover for so long so I was ecstatic when this arrived. Too bad that was two days ago and the hinges have already broken. I didn't drop it or anything! I just pulled it out of my pocket and when I opened the cover the hinge broke off. Yeah I COULD return it because it is still under warranty but quite frankly if it is going to break every two days I don't want it. I'm just going to get a refund and return it. Don't waste your time -- it broke under the least strenuous conditions imaginable.
by Iamnid

Thumbs Down

No protection from drop
I liked the "handiness" of my Flipcover until my Visor dropped yesterday and the Flipcover came off (but didn't break) and the screen on my Visor broke. Now I'm shopping for a new Visor and a new protector.
by ipfreely

Thumbs Down

Broken after 3 weeks
I got my FlipCover at the end of May and now in mid-June the hinge has already broken. They sell replacement hinges, but at this rate I'd be spending $52 a year on replacement hinges. I'm going back to the original cover, which I worried about but never lost.
by beirne

Thumbs Up

hinges are weak, but....
Not even a week went by when I accidently dropped my Visor and the hinge broke. I really like how the cover fits perfectly so I bought two more hinges, even though the price of $3.00/hinge might be a little too steep-considering their just small pieces of plastic. Anyways, I would still recommend the FlipCover to anyone who wants to keep their screen safe, but don't forget to buy extra hinges in case one breaks.
by flipcap22

Thumbs Up

Great cover replacement
With a little tweaking, I got the adaptor to work with my MemPlug. It's an awesome replacement for the original snap lid. I hated that thing.
by Vertigo

Thumbs Up

Great product
I love my new FlipCover, I have to say. It's 100x handier than the default cover and it matches perfectly. My only qualm is that I paid for the 2 day shipping and didn't recieve my unit for 5 days, at which point it was in a normal USPO Prioity Mail envelope, which is not what I paid for. It was only a buck more though, not a big deal.
by Indomitus

Thumbs Up

great protection, fit and price
For those that do not want a bulky cover this is a great answer. Handspring should of done this themselves.
by tschan

Thumbs Up

What the Visor should have come with!
I got a complete graphite set, plus an extra cover in blue and the stick-on adaptor to use with my backup module that stays in the Visor Deluxe almost all the time. So far, it works perfectly--and the adaptor has stayed glued on, but I am careful not to pick up the Visor by the FlipCover. It's easy to open and close with one hand and it's hard to beat the price. As for the "Junior Businessman" comment, well, son, I ain't no "Junior," being 54 as of this morning, and I ain't no "Businessman," either. I spent 22 years in the US Air Force, retiring as a lieutenant colonel am now am a part-time professional horse trainer and riding instructor. The Visor Deluxe with the FlipCover is carried in an Eagle Creek Departure Pouch II, along with a Nokia Cel phone, checkbook, several pens, and a bunch of miscellaneous tools. Hardly the "Junior Businessman" look. Now, if you want real elegance in a flip-up case, try the Vaja cases. I have one in Ostrich & brown leather that looks about 4-5x as expensive as it was.
by gslusher

Thumbs Up

Got Them!
This is just following-up my first review. As indicated, I ordered TWO of these; Graphite for my Graphite VDLX and ICE for my fiance’s Blue VDLX. They arrived on time – in 2 days- and I am delighted. They are absolutely perfect. They actually fit and provide better protection than the original Visors’ snap-on cases. With the FilpCover’s streamline design, my VDLX still fits in my belt clip cases. Texture also matches perfectly. I don’t see why there seems to be an issue with the FlipCover using the module compartment. My fiancé and I use the eyemodule, visorphone, and the back-up modules. The solution is quite simple: REMOVE THE FILPCOVER when using oversided modules. Frankly, I really cannot think of anyone who keeps the oversized modules attached to their Visors all of the time. *For a nominal cost, an adapter is available for all regular-sized modules such as the back up module.) The purpose of the FlipCover is to provide a degree of protection to Visors during daily causal use and transportation, while not nearly as labor-involved as the conventional snap-on covers. Oversized modules like the visorphone, eyemodule, and modems are specialized units that are most frequently used in secure/controlled environments where the same degree of protection is not needed. So, in those environments, for the brief moments when oversized modules are being used, remove the FlipCover and enjoy your modules. When you’re done, attach the FlipCover back on and enjoy the practical and convenient protection. Once again I say: HATS OFF TO the developers at FLIPCOVER.COM!!!
by Desimike

Thumbs Up

FlipCover is Great
I have used my FlipCover for a few months, and it is great. It is indeed the cover that the Visor should have shipped with.
by sbuchholz

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