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Weekend Mailbag

Sat Dec 8, 2001 - 8:25 PM EST - By Michael Ducker

Recent rumors have speculated that the Visor Edge's price will drop Sunday. VisorCentral has confirmed this, with a new price of $269 for the Visor Edge available at all retailers that sell Handspring products.

UPDATE: Even though Brian of Handspring PR, did tell us that the new price was going to be $269, Handspring's website tonight is showing the Visor Edge priced at $249. This may be a mistake though, as the original bulletin that we saw stated $249 as the new price, but than that was later corrected in another e-mail.

Also, Handspring will announce on Sunday a new promotion for free springboard modules. "For a limited time (until December 15, 2001) anyone who buys any Visor handheld except Visor Deluxe at a participating retail store will receive a free Springboard expansion module worth up to $50. Customers may choose from three modules, including the Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf game, the Franklin Merriam Webster Dictionary module or the Portable Innovation MemPlug memory module. Coupons with further details can be found at retail stores."

Yet another new keyboard is available for the Visor - the Flexis FX100. The Flexis FX100 is a lightweight keyboard that is water resistant and can be rolled up. It is being distributed by Man and Machine for $69.95.

While the Visor and it's springboard modules are generally known to be very consumer oriented, there are more and more commercial applications coming from it. Take the CJMax, made by Injectoclean. This module is a low cost oscilloscope for automotive applications. Available now for $399.

Another example of more commercial applications is the recently discovered SpringCard (note that the site is in french). The Springcard is a Smartcard reader that plugs into the springboard slot of the Visor. It has 2 MB of onboard flash memory, and it can read and write both 3 volt and 5 volt smartcards. It is being distributed by Mobiex. Price is unlisted, but they can be purchased in quantities of 10, 100, or 1000. (Thanks to joachim13 for the news)

Landware has announced that Pocket Quicken 2.01 is now available for Mac OS.

Margi's Presenter-To-Go springboard module is now for a limited time only $199. ($100 of the retail price of $299). This offer only lasts until January 10th.

Another price break, the Targus Total Recall Digital Voice Recorder for the Visor is now only $49.99 at CompUSA. This seems to be a permanent price drop as it has no rebate attached to it. (Original price, $99)

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