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Weight: 4 ounces

Height: 2.5 inches

Width: 2.13 inches

Depth: 0.5 inches

Availability Unknown

Total Recall by Targus

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Just pop the Total Recall Digital Voice Recorder module into your Handspring handheld computer, and you have a fully functional digital voice recorder with 4 MB of onboard memory that can record for up to 90 minutes.

Use the Total Recall with your Handspring to view the number and size of messages, or detach it and use it on its own--it's powered by two AAA batteries. This recorder is compatible with the Handspring Visor, Visor Deluxe, Visor Prism, Visor Platinum, and Visor Edge models. It slides into the Springboard expansion slot and needs no setup or configuration. It is fully removable, so you don't use up any precious RAM.

With digital voice recorders, memory is the thing. Instead of recording on an audiotape, digital recorders store sounds onto an electronic memory chip. The memory chips are tiny, don't get "eaten" by the recorder, and don't degrade appreciably with use. In addition, digital means you don't have spend time rewinding and fast-forwarding to find individual memos.

See VisorCentral's extensive review for more infomation...

User Opinions
Thumbs Up  58% Thumbs Down 42%

Thumbs Up

o.k. for what I want it to do
The module is everything everyone else says: good quality at the highest quality level, but the recording time drastically drops. There is a delay with the on-screen buttons. Time stamping works for me (I don't carry the module by itself). One thing I noticed with my VDX is that the case (lid?) for the Visor is hard to get off - at least it will go on. The price is too high, tho', but most of us handheld types are cheap b******s anyway. Would buy it again, but would still whine (a little).
by wkm

Thumbs Up

I'm of two minds about the Total Recall - the quality is fabulous and the integration with my Visor is superb. My primary use for the module is to record a weekly speech, and use the resulting file to post the speech on the internet. It does everything I need and more. HOWEVER I can imagine that more thought should have been put into the interface and features. It's not "user friendly," though once you get used to the software's peculiarities they aren't that big a deal. Would I buy it again? Yes - even as is for the same price. I have come to depend on this recorder and look for it to get better.
by VoxDei

Thumbs Down

Next versions should be Mac compatible
I do not buy modules that are not Mac compatible, despite their apparent usefulness. If and when a Mac conduit is released, I will probalby purchase the module.
by Potus

Thumbs Up

Good product but lacks mac!
I found it to be a great recorder, but the lack of mac support bothers me. I don't like booting Virtualpc just to sync my voice recordings and then moving them to a mac folder. Come on! just make a counduit that transfers files to mac. We have plenty of tools to listen the audio messages. I just need the conduit.
by Gerson Campos

Thumbs Down

The application is (almost) beta-quality
The hardware and amount of memory are fine, but the Visor application is very poorly done. There's no excuse for the long delay when pressing on-screen buttons. It's just bad code... It seems like a bad patch on top the basic ToDo application and is one of the more amateurish apps I've seen. The user interface is also very poorly done - I'm guessing there was no beta testing done whatsoever. The size of the module is too big for my liking, and I don't like to be forced to advertise with that large red "Targus" logo sitting front and center. The cost, at $99 is pretty high when you can get a tiny, stand-alone product for a fraction of the price. All this being said, I *was* impressed by the quality of the recordings at the highest level. I also like the fact that this module supports editing features. However, I wouldn't recommend this module - the software really isn't ready for prime-time. At half the cost and with quality PalmOS software inside, it would be a great!
by Rocky the Squirrel

Thumbs Down

No mac support
No Mac Support. Creative people need to keep track of their ideas. They also use Macs
by Robnotbobh

Thumbs Down

Audio is good, but usability is not
I hoped to use this module to dictate memos and then transcribe them from the Shuttle onto my Visor or from the Visor onto my PC. Well, transcribing onto my Visor is an agonizing process because the Shuttle lacks a pause button. And transcribing from the Visor onto my PC is equally agonizing, because even though the Visor app does have a pause button, it takes several seconds for a tap of this button to be acknowledged. This might not sound like a big deal, but trust me, it's absolutely maddening when you are trying to transcribe. All of the app buttons are equally sluggish. And I have a Platinum! A shame, because the audio quality (and quantity) are excellent. But the usability stinks.
by schaeffe

Thumbs Up

Good Recorder
Tom is correct in recommending this recorder. Just got it tonight and it works great. The only problem which Tom notes was in the Time and Day stamping. The same time and day is stamp when the recorder is used in its shuttle configuration. This is reasonable to expect, since the shuttle and the recorder itself has no built in clock to record when a recording was made. However, if you record with the module in the Visor, the time and day is stamped correctly when you started the recording. Very reasonable and shouldn't be considered a drawback. The desktop application only works oneway, i.e. the module uploads to your PC but any changes made at the desktop will not be downloaded back into the module. Overall, I'm happy with this purchase and would recommend this product.
by Clovis

Thumbs Up

Better by comparison
Given the current crop, this is the best module, flaws and all. No Mac desktop support is a mistake, and a pause button is a necessity on the next rev. Nevertheless, it fulfils it's basic duties well.
by Morristone

Thumbs Down

No Mac support?- no way
Pretty exciting features - love that it's removeable and has good volume while also feel it would really be more useful with a date stamp. But, where there's no Mac support, it just wouldn't be worth it to me. I buy mainly from companies supporting the Mac OS.
by mahze

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