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Saitek PDA accessories

Wed Jan 2, 2002 - 7:01 PM EST - By Michael Ducker

Saitek, which recently introduced into retail the Light Stylus (available at Best Buy for $9.99), announced a new cradle/charger for the Visor along with hints of many more accessories to come.

The Power Station is a USB or Serial cradle that fits the Visor Deluxe, Platinum and Neo. Within it is a built in NiMH charger. While it hasn't reached the zen of charging the batteries in the Visor, it does make a easier and more space efficient cradle for charging. It includes two sets of NiMH batteries, the cradle and an AC adaptor. Price is unknown, but it will be available soon.

From the main Saitek USA website we get this little hint of what's to come.

"In 2002, Saitek will launch a full range of PDA accessories, ranging from a selection of styli and charging products to a keyboard and game controller."

We'll keep an eye on this and hopefully more and (better?) competition to the PDA market will ensue.

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