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Thinmodem Plus

Thu Mar 8, 2001 - 1:08 PM EST - By Kenneth Crandall

Product Info
Name Thinmodem Plus
Company Card Access
Hard Cover Compatible: Yes
Color: No
Desktop Conduit: None
Size: 2.25" x 2.125" x 0.30"
Weight: 2.9 oz.
Memory: 32 K on Visor when inserted
Fact Sheet & User Opinions

Thinmodem Plus moduleWhen I bought my first Palm handheld computer, applications were monochrome and generally less than thirty kilobytes. With the advent of color, applications more and more are hovering in the 200 KB range, particularly web browsers and other Internet applications. Perhaps that's why Card Access, has released the Thinmodem Plus (TM+), so users can now store some of their applications in the TM+'s flash memory.

The Hardware

The Thinmodem Plus is based on the original Thinmodem module, but is now a 56Kbps modem and has approximately 7.5 MB of space available for storing applications and data.

The TM+ is a standard size module that fits flush inside the Visor. A 6' phone cable with a special connector plugs into the top of the TM+ when you wish to go online. The TM+ is very good at conserving battery life, using less than 50mA of power when in use (half of what is available to a module). Don't worry about draining the Visor by leaving the TM+ inside -- less than 250A is consumed when not online.

The TM+ comes with several applications: Browse-It, One-Touch email, and File Mover. Also included is a real-time modem status monitor that is available at all times by tapping on the lower right-hand corner of the Visor's screen.

Setup WizardSetup

The Thinmodem Plus has one of the most comprehensive and user friendly setup programs you will find on the Palm operating system. The first time you insert the module, Thinmodem+ Setup appears to give you an overview of the TM+'s features and helps you configure your Network Prefs settings for dialing in.

Next time the module is intserted, the Prefs application will run. I suggest you leave the Network tab of Prefs up so that the Connect button is displayed immediately when you insert the TM+. No desktop conduit is needed for the TM+ -- however, a bonus USB FileMover application only works with Windows.

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