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Slipper Visor with VisorPhone Case

Thu May 3, 2001 - 12:38 PM EDT - By Susan Midlarsky

Product Info
Name Slipper Visor with VisorPhone Case
Company E&B Company
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$54.95 (w/ clip)
$51.95 (w/o clip)

What made me desperate enough to actually purchase a case for my Visor when no case really appealed to me? The VisorPhone [review] did it! It helped break my Visor, showing me that I needed to get a case. One morning, when I was making my bed the quilt swept my Visor off the bedside table so it fell a foot to the floor. Normally a fall like this wouldn't do anything, but I discovered that the VisorPhone's added weight made the screen crack. A broken Visor is bad enough, but doubly so when it's also my mobile phone. This made it urgent for me to find a good case to protect my Visor.

Just the night before, I had done a web search to find cases for the VisorPhone. At the time all I found were the Handspring cases. These look like wouldn't allow me to leave the Visor in the case when I was using it. This was an important feature to me. I also don't find them very attractive.

Now that my Visor had broken, finding a good case became a serious task. I searched and searched, and in the end I only found one other case for the VisorPhone: the E&B Slipper Visor w/Cell case. Since E&B has a good reputation and the case looked like it had interesting features, I decided to go for it. Apparently, though, they were advertising well ahead of availability, as it took almost two months to get the case. In the meantime I used the standard Visor leather slipcase, which worked well enough.

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