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RhinoPak 2000

Mon Jan 17, 2000 - 8:00 AM EST - By James Hromadka

RP2000 FrontOne of the most exciting aspects of the Handspring Visor is the Springboard module capability.  Users can expect everything from GPS to text scanners to use with their Visors.  The only problem is where do you keep your Springboard modules when they aren’t in use?  The RhinoSkin RhinoPak 2000 (RP2000) is a great way to carry your Visor and all of your accessories together.

The RP2000 has so many straps, zippers, and pockets that you will have to try hard to fill them all up.  Disconnect the snap on the front for enough room for two Springboard modules or a Post-it® note pad.  There is also a small zippered pocket for miscellaneous items.  Unzip the case to find plenty of room for your Visor, spare batteries, a pen, and another pocket that a Springboard module would fit.  On the back of the case, there is another zippered pocket that can hold longer items such as a passport or checkbook.  As you can see in the pictures, zippers on the RP2000 are easy to get to because of the extensions on them.


The RP2000 is a really good case for carrying all of your stuff.  With all of the Springboard modules that will be coming out, there is plenty of room for carrying a good 5-6 standard size modules.  Even modules that are larger than normal can easily be held by the RP2000.  I like the fact that I can carry spare batteries and attach it to luggage easily.  And with the padded foam in the lining of the case, I can afford to let my Visor get bumped around a little when traveling.  It is even a little water-resistant.  I had to run to my car during a Texas downpour and got water on the outside of the RP2000, but my Visor was dry inside.

RP2000 OpenedThis isn’t the type of case that you carry in your pocket, so the RP2000 has various straps that you can hold when you carry it around.   I like carrying the RP2000 like a small suitcase, but you can also use the clip on the front to attach it to your suitcase/briefcase handle.  On the back of the case are several other small straps that can be attached or held when carrying the RP2000.  Unzipping the RP2000 to get to the Visor doesn’t take too long, but because of the case’s size it can be a little bulky when the Visor is inside the case and you are writing on the Visor.

To secure the Visor, place the hard cover under the straps and then the Visor on top (see picture).  If you secure the Visor this way, make sure you don’t have anything sharp on the left side of the case that may scratch the screen.  This holds the Visor in fairly securely, although the straps are a little loose because the RP2000 was originally designed for a Palm III/modem.  Because the case zips closed, you may want to just lay the Visor inside the RP2000 and take it out of the case when you need to use it.  I really wish the straps were a little shorter to hold the Visor more securely.

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Product Info
» Name RhinoPak 2000
» Company RhinoSkin
» Size 7" x 4" x 1.5"
» Weight ~4.6 oz
» Color Black
» Works with All Visors
» Fact Sheet & User Opinions
» Unknown
» $29.95

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