Blast from the past! We stopped updating VisorCentral in late 2002, but feel free to browse around and feel nostalgic. There are 135 reviews and over a thousand articles in our archives. Also check out an even older version of the site.
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Palm buys HandspringPalm buys Handspring

Palm today announced the acquisition of Handspring - transaction expected to be final this fall. No word on Visor support.
Innogear sells unique MiniJam Trio on eBayInnogear sells unique MiniJam Trio on eBay

Innogear sells unique MiniJam Trio on eBay

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Palm buys Handspring
Innogear sells unique MiniJam Trio on eBay
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Innogear sells unique MiniJam Trio on eBay
Presenter-to-Go reduced to $99
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Palm buys Handspring
$250 for Digital Link owners
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