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Handspring's official support page is available at Their online knowledge database has answers to over a 1000 common questions, and the site also provides contact information for Handspring's technical support department.

VisorCentral, with the help of its members, also maintains an extensive FAQ.

More importently, our discussion board has over 10,000 members that are willing to help you with any problem.

#1000: What is the Handspring Visor?
#1001: What is the Springboard slot?
#1002: Can I use Palm serial port accessories with the Visor?
#1003: What is the difference between Palm serial accessories and Springboard accessories?
#1004: I heard that the Springboard is really a PCMCIA slot. Can I plug in the PCMCIA accessories from my laptop?
#1005: What about this new TRGpro PDA? Doesn't it have an extra expansion port, too?
#1006: Does the Visor have FlashROM?
#1007: I use FlashPro on my Palm V to increase available memory. Will it work with the Visor?
#1008: What about this 8 MB Flash Module? Can I upgrade the OS using that?
#1009: How fast is the Visor and Visor Deluxe?
#1010: How much RAM memory does the Visor models have?
#1011: WinCE devices all seem to have so much more memory than Palm devices. Why?
#1012: Does the Visor have a microphone?
#1013: What is the built-in software?
#1014: What the big deal about USB?
#1015: Where can I buy Visor models, Springboard modules and accessories?
#1016: What is a soft, warm, and hard reset?
#1017: My Visor won't turn on. What do I do?
#1018: Windows does not let me synchronize
#1019: I run WinNT, Win95, and can't sync with USB. What do I do?
#1020: What about synching under Linux?
#1021: I used to be able to HotSync and now it doesn't work
#1022: In Outlook, I can only get email synching. What about the rest of that stuff?
#1023: How do I sync multiple users on the same PC using Outlook.
#1024: I want to sync multiple users on the same PC, some with the Palm Desktop and some with Outlook
#1025: Outlook synching is incomplete. Subfolders don't synch
#1026: My Handspring Visor CD arrived cracked. Where can I find the software?
#1027: Is everything backed up when I HotSync?
#1028: Can I sync one Visor to two computers?
#1029: I can't beam from my date book to another Palm/Visor.
#1030: Are there any Easter eggs unique to the Visor?
#1031: Will the Palm OS Emulator software work on the Visor?
#1032: What's a good place for software?
#1033: My 8 Mb Flash Module causes fatal errors with my Visor
#1034: Is faulty memory causing my Visor to crash?
#1035: My screen scratches easily. What can I do to protect it?
#1036: Can I upgrade the memory of a Visor or Visor Solo?
#1037: Can I upgrade the memory of a Visor Deluxe/Platinum/Prism?
#1038: My batteries don't last very long
#1039: My Visor has been telling me to replace the batteries and I didn't. Now it won't turn on!
#1040: Can I use rechargeables?
#1041: What happens to the data when I remove the batteries?
#1042: The backlight really is poor.
#1043: When I'm down scrolling I keep activating the calculator.
#1044: There are some funny LCD streaks on my Visor screen. Is it broken?
#1045: How can I move my data from my current device to a new Visor?
#1046: Can I use the same cradle from my current Palm device?
#1047: What additional does Palm OS 3.5.2H include?
#1048: What applications will benefit from the faster processor in Visor Platinum and Prism?
#1049: Can I synchronize Visor Platinum using a Visor or Visor Deluxe cradle?
#1050: How long does it take to recharge the battery on Visor Prism?
#1051: Can I use a Visor Prism with an existing Visor cradle?
#1052: Is it possible to use a standard PC USB keyboard with the visor?
#1053: Which rechargable is better: Alkaline or NiMH?
#1054: Fatal error messages: Memory MgrNew.c,Line:4128 Invalid handle
#1055: Humming or low buzzing noise when using the backlit screen
#1056: At what level should batteries be changed?
#1057: Where is the Visor made?
#1058: What are the dimensions of the Visor packaging
#1059: Visor and X-Ray machines - any danger?
#1060: Total available memory 7936k, not 8MB?
#1061: Problems with writing Graffiti on my Visor Prism
#1062: What's the infrared range on the Visor?
#1063: Does the infrared on Visor work with 3Com devices?
#1064: How do I adjust the contrast on my Visor, Visor Deluxe, or Visor Platinum?
#1065: How do I adjust the brightness on my Visor Prism?
#1066: Can I sync using the IR port?
#1067: I have several third-party applications which display the Euro symbol in odd places. What's going on?
#1068: The To Do List items on my Visor handheld are unreadable
#1069: What is that green LED on the bottom right of Visor Prism?
#1070: What are the differences between the 8MB Flash Module and the Backup Module?
#1071: Radio frequency interference issues
#1072: Visor/Visor Deluxe and OmniSky
#1073: Will Glenayre sell a standalone @ctiveLink module?
#1074: Why is Glenayre bundling the @ctiveLink Wireless Messaging Springboard module with a Visor Deluxe handheld?
#1075: Prism Power Supply 220 V compatible?
#1076: What is a PQA?
#1077: Can't get the .8 Shortcut to work with the Visor
#1078: How can I import CSV adress info into the Visor?
#1079: What should I look for to determine if my computer has a USB port?
#1080: Keep tapping the "calculator" icon by mistake when trying to scroll
#1081: How can I beam hacks?
#1082: Turn auto-off off
#1083: Can You Beam With DateBook+?
#1084: How to re-assign the four main visor buttons
#1085: Time is correct, but wrong timezone in CityTime
#1086: Can not select "On option" in the beaming pop-up in the Prefs app
#1087: IR Sync with iMac
#1088: Screen does not read position of pen accurately
#1089: Connect using MSN
#1090: Change the order of 3rd party Hotsync conduits
#1091: What is HsExtentions 3.5?
#1092: Cannot get the Prism to stay off when it is charging
#1093: Where can I find a list of announced and available Springboard modules?
#1094: Does Visor Prism work with the Stowaway keyboard?
#1095: Tips for Module errors
#1096: The paint on my Prism is coming off, What do I do?
#1097: Can I adjust the Contrast on the Visor Prism?
#1098: How do I know how much available memory I have left on my Visor?
#1099: How do I use the 'dot' shortcuts?
#1100: How do I know how much memory I have left on a springboard?
#1101: How is the Visor Edge different from the other Visor models?
#1102: Visor model abbreviations
#1103: Does the Visor Stowaway keyboard work with the Visor Edge?
#1104: Do the Handspring PDAs work with Mac OS X?
#1105: I've dropped my Visor and broken the screen. Can I repair it?
#1106: I need a serial number to download software or to get my rebate. Where is the serial number?
#1107: I used to be able to sync with Windows via USB, but now cannot anymore. What should I do?
#1108: How do I connect my Visor modem to Earthlink?
#1109: How do I change the home city in the CityTime application?


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