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Comdex Fall 2001

Last Updated Sat Nov 17, 2001 - 3:54 PM EST - By Marcus Adolfsson, James Hromadka

It's that time of year again. The temperature is falling, Winter draws near, and Comdex is upon us. Comdex Fall kicks off Sunday evening, with the main conference running November 12-16. VisorCentral will be on location in Las Vegas for most of the conference, bringing you the latest updates from the show floor. Check out our Special Report section throughout the week for the latest news updates and streaming video clips.

Product News

The Handspring Visor Treo was awarded Best of Show in the mobile/handheld category at Fall Comdex 2001. No surprise considering the amount of interest the Treo has garnered, and it's not even out yet! QuickOffice Conference from Cutting Edge Software and PDA Secure from Trust Digital were named as finalists in their respective categories at the awards. Congratulations to all three companies.

Blue Nomad announced additional details on its WordSmith 2.1 application. New WordSmith 2.1 features include a spell checker, thesaurus, and virtual file system (VFS) support. In addition, WordSmith 2.1 ships with a carbonized Mac OS Wordsmith desktop application that runs natively under OS X and FineType Manager, which allows users to delete, beam and preview FineType fonts. Maybe Palm should hire Blue Nomad to finish Palm Desktop for OS X.

Bachmann Software has released FilePoint 2.0, a file manager for the Palm OS. The new version adds expansion card support and user interface improvements.

Handspring has announced a strategic enterprise partnership with Wireless Knowledge, a provider of mobile business solutions. Under the agreement, Wireless Knowledge will focus on mobile solutions and applications utilizing Handspring's Treo and Visor lines of handheld computers. Click here for the press release.

Handspring also announced an enterprise alliance with AvantGo. The companies are teaming up to deliver AvantGoM-Business Server solutions on Handspring products. Click here for the press release.

PoGo! Products demonstrated its DataQuake Springboard module, which comes with 8 or 16 MB flash memory, a silent blinking alarm, and vibrating alert. The vibrating alert is adjustable and can be very strong if you want it to be. The software portion is configurable so that standard Palm OS alerts can be used with the DataQuake.

Targus displayed their new HandCam module which allows users to convert their current Visor into a digital camera. Using a USB docking cradle, the camera can also be used as a web camera. It features VGA resolution, a pivoting lens (120 degrees), and 2 MB of onboard memory. Click here for the video

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Hawkins Q&A
VisorCentral attended the Q&A session following Jeff Hawkins' Keynote.

PoGo Products DataQUAKE
VisorCentral interviews Marcus Kriter from PoGo Products on their new product DataQUAKE

Chapura Cloak
Keith Ellenburg, COO of Chapura speaks about their new data encryption program Cloak.

Red-M Bluetooth module
Tony Costello demonstrates Red-M's Bluetooth module by connecting wirelessly to the Internet using an Ericsson cellphone.

Sprint PCS Module
Garth Robbins demonstrates the Sprint PCS Module

Keeping your PDA secure
Kevin Shahbazi from Trust Digital explain his company's security software.

Treo's GSM and GPRS technology
Ed Colligan speaks at the Wizcom press conference and discusses the Treo.

Treo's push e-mail functionality
Amit Seth discusses the connectivity solutions that will be available from Visto Corporation.

Scott Maxwell outlines key and upcoming features of WordSmith.

Cutting Edge Software
Cutting Edge Software demonstrates conferencing features of its QuickOffice suite.

Treo Talk
James interviews Mark Dadger from Handspring about the Treo. James also tests out the Speakerphone feature of the Treo.

Kensington PocketType
James Hromadka interviews Sook Cho from Kingston about their PocketType Keyboard.

Targus HandCam
Darren Lee from Targus demonstrates the new HandCam module.

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