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Review: Active Armor

Sun May 5, 2002 - 1:40 AM EDT - By Michael Ducker


Inserting the Visor into the Active Armor is a cinch: just slide it in. Removing it takes a bit more effort as it fits in the case nice and snug - a benefit of designing the case from the start around the plastic shell of the Visor. The convex rubber buttons that are engraved with symbols for the four basic applications are surprising easy to push. The case aligns perfectly with all seven buttons on the Visor and the microphone and charging light holes. The case has an open hotsync connector at the bottom, and while it will not fit in a cradle due to the thick rubber, a Hotsync cable or a charger will fit just right.

My only gripe here is that the case does not accommodate a reset pin hole. One can be added however, with some careful cutting/drilling. On the back of the case there are two easy to use stylus holders, they are there because the case blocks the Visor's stylus slot. It really makes the case look cool if you have two styluses in there. Slide in the stylus at the top (upside down) and then push it into the molded holder. Unluckily, if you use a third party stylus, it might not be such a tight fit.

The Active Armor case has about every positive feature for a case - including a hard plastic flip lid. It opens up to 180 degrees, is easily removable, and stays closed by two small rubber tabs.

When the Visor is in this case it looks like it is an industrial Palm Powered PDA, from the likes of Symbol. All Handspring logos are covered up, and with such a perfect fit it really feels like a second skin to the Visor.

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Product Info
Name Active Armor for Visor
Company Active Armor
Colors Graphite, Silver, Clear
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Active Armor
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