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Review: Active Armor

Sun May 5, 2002 - 1:40 AM EDT - By Michael Ducker

The tests: Intro

What makes this case stand out is the striking design of the molded rubber around the Visor. It has been specifically engineered to protect the visor from breaking when it drops. All corners are protected, along with the top and bottom of the case. The front has less shock protection, and the back has fair protection. The sides have minimal protection. This design makes sence, and while it makes the Visor longer it protects it from most falls. If Active Armor had put half a centimeter of rubber around the entire thing it would become pretty bulky.

VisorCentral wanted to test this case out to its limits for this review. So we decided to drop it in increments of one foot until the Visor broke. We also did stair tests of the Visor being thrown down, or rolling down a flight of stairs. These tests were done on wooden stairs/floors, and we cannot guarantee that these results will be the same for everyone.

The tests: Findings >>


Product Info
Name Active Armor for Visor
Company Active Armor
Colors Graphite, Silver, Clear
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Active Armor
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