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PC Expo 2002

Last Updated Sat Jun 29, 2002 - 8:23 PM EDT - By Marcus Adolfsson


The new Sony Clie

Palm booth

Kyocera booth

The show floor

Empty Show Floor

More Empty Show Floor

The convention hall

The cross at Ground Zero

Video Reports

PC Expo Wrap-up Report
Kenneth Crandall hosts a PC Expo Wrap-Up Report, with show highlights.

Kyocera's new 7135 smartphone
A demonstration of Kyocera's new 7135 smartphone

New Clie Models
Sony representatives demonstrates their new Clie models.

CopyTalk listens to you
CopyTalk is a new service that both reads and allows you to compose e-mails and Palm data over the phone.

PowerPoint Presentations
iGo has a new sled for Palm models that let you run PowerPoint presentions from the Palm. A Treo version is in the works.

Red Mercury releases AcidImage 2.0
AcidImage 2.0 lets you view JPEG, GIF, BMP, and other types of images directly from memory cards.

Organize your Contacts with Chapura
Keith from Chapura demonstrates their new software that integrates your Palm more closely with Outlook

Seidio's Treo Cases
Jason Moody demonstrates Seidio's leather case and their sturdy holster. Also a quick peak at their charging USB cable.

Seidio keeps your PDA powered
Jason Moody demonstrates Seidio's complete power solutions.

Treo 270
Brian Jaquet from Handspring demonstrates Treo 270

Treo 90 Demonstration
Brian Jaquet from Handspring demonstrates the Treo 90


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